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What in the #!@*$ is Greenerrr?!?

Greenerrr (by those idea-factory helper-elves over at Teknocrat…ahem) is the missing link. Not the missing link in human evolution in general (that would be Lucy, or some other recent archaeological find). But in the evolution of corporates from being the representation of boundless and pollution generating capitalists, to the representation of corporates as being responsible, environmentally pro-active and pro-solution citizens.

A ground-breaking, stereotype breaking, stigma breaking platform for larger businesses to figure out:
(a) just how green they are and how green they are not

(b) how to evolve their business practices and processes, to be sustainable both environmentally and fiscally

(c) figure out how to make their employees active and proud participants in their evolution to becoming high profile parts of the environmental solution, rather than staying in the ‘part of the problem’ lane

Patent-pending, you-as-a-client-pending… Greenerrr is a next step that any medium sized or larger organization should utilize to get ahead of the green curve, rather than being left behind in the smoggy dust.

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